Guide to Umrah for New Reverts

If you are a revert seeking what things to look out for when travelling to Umrah, then you must read this blog, which will give you an idea for your first-ever travel trip to Mecca.

Umrah is a voluntary Islamic pilgrimage unlike Hajj to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which can be conducted at any time of year. Umrah may be a difficult experience for new reverts, but with proper preparation and awareness, it can also be a spiritual and soul-satisfying trip. 

As Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “The Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the previous one.” – Sahih Bukhari. 

Therefore, it is essential to remember that Umrah is a pilgrimage, not a holiday and that it demands both physical and mental preparations. With appropriate guidelines, new reverts can have a meaningful and joyful Umrah experience. 


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To save you from the hustle, this blog gets you covered with all the necessary guidelines which you might need to perform Umrah. 

Documentation of a new Revert for Umrah

Here are the key documents you will need to undertake Umrah as a new revert:

  • Passport: To enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah, a valid passport with at least 6 months validity is necessary.
  • Umrah visa: To enter Saudi Arabia for the purpose of performing Umrah, an Umrah visa is necessary. This may be obtained via your local travel agent or the Saudi Arabian embassy.
  • Health Certificate: Some nations may demand a health certificate in order to enter Saudi Arabia. For additional information, contact your local embassy.
  • Trip itinerary: You may be needed to provide proof of your travel plans, including flight and hotel reservation details, in order to acquire your visa to customs officials. Heritage tours provide itineraries to their customers. So you won’t face any difficulty in producing one.
  • Proof of capital adequacy: Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, may need proof of financial stability, such as bank statements, to guarantee that you can sustain yourself throughout your journey.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is suggested for every overseas trip, and certain countries may demand evidence of insurance as a condition of entrance.
  • Proof of Conversion: Proof of conversion to Islam is required to book a trip to Mecca and Madinah.

Want your first Umrah trip to be the most memorable one? 


Things pilgrims need to pack for Umrah 

The following items are generally required during Umrah:

  • Ihram: Ihram is a condition of holiness achieved before completing Umrah. It is made up of two white sheets of fabric worn by male pilgrims and modest attire that covers the full body worn by female pilgrims.
  • Money: Pilgrims will need money for a variety of things throughout Umrah, including transportation, food, and lodging. It’s also a good idea to have some additional cash on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Medication: If you are on any medications, carry enough for the duration of your trip as well as a copy of your prescription.
  • Toiletries: Carry things that you need for yourself and your family especially if you are planning your trip with a person having sensitive skin or special skin care needs.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: Because you will be walking a lot throughout your Umrah, it is critical that you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses: the weather in Saudi Arabia may be quite hot, so it is essential to use these to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Reusable water bottle: You’ll need to remain hydrated on your journey, so bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Clothing: In addition to Ihram clothes, it is suggested to bring long-sleeved shirts, slacks, and skirts as examples of modest and comfortable everyday attire. A shawl or headscarf is worn by women to hide their hair. A cap or head covering to keep the sun off your face. Clothing that is lightweight and comfy for hot weather.

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Steps to perform Umrah

Umrah entails a number of stages that are based on the norms and rites established by the Prophet Muhammad. Here’s a quick rundown on how to perform Umrah. 

Before commencing your Umrah, pilgrims must enter the Ihram state by putting on two white sheets of fabric for males or modest attire for women. The most important is to have the purpose in your heart to undertake Umrah and seek Allah’s pleasure. 

The next step for pilgrims is to recite Talbiyyah. The Talbiyyah is a proclamation of intention to conduct Umrah and should be uttered as frequently by pilgrims as is feasible during the journey. 

Now the necessary part of the process is to do Tawaf. Tawaf is the first rite of Umrah, and it involves the circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba. It entails going around the Holy Kaaba seven times in a clockwise way. 

Afterwards, pilgrims perform Sa’i. Sa’i is the wandering between the hills of Safa and Marwah that represents Hagar, Prophet Ibrahim’s wife, searching for water. 

As a mark of completion of the Umrah, the pilgrim should shave or cut their hair after finishing Tawaf and Sa’i. After shaving or cutting your hair, you should remove Ihram by changing it into your regular attire.

Besides the mandatory step mentioned above, there are few populated places and holy sites that must be treated with respect and honour. Such as when Muslims go to Hajj or Umrah, they must remember Maqam Ibrahim by performing two Rakah prayers. Similarly, the black stone commonly referred to as Hijra Aswad is of great significance. Pilgrims pay their regard by touching and kissing it. The pilgrim has special love and respect for the Holy water. 

The spiritual experience of doing Umrah and seeing Mecca’s sacred sites can strengthen a person’s faith and dedication to their religion. So if you are looking for tour guides in Mecca contact us here We host Muslims from all around the world and provide them with the best facilities for their stay in Mecca. You can always rely on us.

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