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Hadith Competition

The basis of daily life for a Muslim needs to be based on the foundations of Quran and Sunnah. The Sunnah (teachings) of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are recorded in the various books of Hadith and the most famous being Sahih Al-Bukhari. There are many Quran competitions that take place around the world, however to date there hasn’t been a global hadith competition that helps identify, nurture and educate the next generation of Muslim youth to become the torch bearers for hadith and Islam.


The purpose of the hadith competition focuses on the life, teachings and compilation of hadith by Imam Al-Bukhari, in order to inspire Muslims around the world to learn and benefit from the competition.

To highlight the importance of hadith for Muslims, to educate the masses through reality TV and to identify the next generation of hadith scholars, Heritage Tours will be holding a global competition across several countries from which the winners will have an all-expenses paid trip to Imam Bukhari’s Masjid at Khoja, Samarkand in Uzbekistan.


All participating organisations in the competition will need to:

  1. Register for the Hadith Competition below
  2. Agree to be filmed by local and international TV channels
  3. Agree to be interviewed about your educational establishment
  4. Agree to follow the competition terms and conditions 
  5. Agree to manage all logistics for regional & national competitions
  6. Agree to cooperate with organisers in arranging travel logistics for winning students


The Hadith competition will be based on the following areas:

  1. Life of Imam Al-Bukhari
    • 100 questions on his life, study, travels, family, work etc
  2. 9 Chapters of Sahih Al-Bukhari:
    • Fiqh, Purification, Pray, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj, Mamulat, Marriage & Penalties
  3. Science of hadith
    • Include chains of narrations and locating hadith
  4. General knowledge on hadith
    • Includes context, lessons and explanation of Hadith
  5. Hadith Game
    • A range of questions on hadith matters

Further information on the above will be provided to each country.


One of the greatest privileges and honour for any hadith student would be to get recognised for their hadith skills and knowledge. As such we will also be offering the participants a unique experience, global recognition and the opportunity to visit the  Imam Bukhari’s Masjid.

  • Award & Prize money of $100 to the 3 regional winning students
  • Award & Prize money of $100 to the 3 regional establishments
  • Award & Prize money of $250 to the 3 national winning students
  • Award & Prize money of $150 to the  3 national establishments
  • All-expense paid travel to Uzbekistan for the 3 national winners
  • 2 scholarship for finalists from Uzbekistan Islamic Academy and Silk Road University in Samarkand.
  • Ijazah on hadith from Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Uzbekistan
  • Award & Prize money of $1,000 to the International winners
  • Tour of main Islamic heritage sites in Uzbekistan

Entry Groups:

The participant age entry groups are:

  • Group 1: 12-14 years of age
  • Group 2: 14-16 years of age
  • Group 3: 16-18 years of age
  • Open to Boys and Girls
Identifying, nurtuing and supporting the next generation of hadith scholars is a primary objective of the hadih competition.


Step 1: Participants to send a 30 sec video to the judges on

  • Why they would like to enter the competition 
  • Why they feel hadith is important 
  • How they will make a difference to their family & community if they win

Step 2: The judges will pick participants to compete infront of a live audience. 

Step 3: The Regional winners will then take part in the National Competition.

Step 4: The National winners will then compete in Uzbekistan at the Global Hadith Competition.

* All competitions will be held in front of a live audience and 3 judges.
** National competitions can be conducted in local language if required but the Global competition will be held in Arabic and English only.


3 local judges will be appointed to manage and decide on the winners of each region. The criteria for a judge are:

  • Good knowledge of Hadith
  • Qualified Teacher, Academic or Scholar
  • A recognised Imam or Ustadha
A guideline for judges will be provided on how to assess and run the competition.


Point system will be given to each contestant for correct answers and the winner from each group will enter the National finals. The losers will be eliminated from the competition but they will have the opportunity to attend the final in Uzbekistan as part of our knowledge, travel and tour group with their family members.


The proposed dates for the hadith competition are as listed below, however they are subject to change due to ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions.

  • Regional Competition Dates: May & June 2023
  • National Competition Dates: July 2023
  • International Competition Dates: August 2023


The hadith competition will be a global competition which will allow the best of participants to build character, develop networks, gain recognition for their knowledge and abilities and to secure funding and scholarships for future studies. The wining participants will not only be a pride for their family, country, community and teaching establishment, but will also be able to develop into a better human being and becoming a recognised scholar for the next generation. 

Through the media coverage this programme will engage and educate a global audience, inspire nationals to participate and compete at the highest levels and provide break down the misconceptions people have about Hadith, Sunnah and Islam. 

Join us at Heritage Tours and take “A Journey Through Time…”


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